KogniTribe Global Solutions

Providing data analytics services to help your business make informed decisions

In the world of business, where bottom line speaks loudest, data is everything. Through the application of rigorous scientific methods, analytics can turn the raw data into an asset which can allow us to make improved decision making in all aspects of the business.

Improved Decision Making

From a state of confusion, where you’re not sure if a certain advertising plan would work, to a state of certainty, where you know the success percentage of said plan along with a few alternatives.

Effective Marketing

Analytics can allow you to eliminate the guesswork when you’re looking to identify your target market and provide insights regarding the type of target audience that is more likely to be influenced by your marketing campaigns.


Analytics allows you to gain insights into customer behavior allowing you to customize your products and services as per their preferences.

Efficient Operations

With an improved understanding of your customer base, analytics allow you to streamline your operations which in turn boosts your profitability.

What we do?

KogniTribe helps companies to make the switch from legacy database systems to latest cloud based database systems that can be used as a base to employ analytical tools that generate valuable insights.

We are a data-driven organization that aims to provide affordable, user-friendly, and impactful web application and analytical services for you and your organization.

We service companies and organizations of all sizes and across various sectors. Additionally, we aim to tie-up with other businesses providing them off-shore tech staff at affordable rates.


1. Schedule a time for your Consultation.

2. We ask the customer to provide us with a detailed request for proposal, where the customer describes the scope of the project and the final outcome they wish to see.

3. We provide a project proposal that outlines the resources needed for the project, milestones within the project and charges applied.

4. The charges applied differ as per the nature of the project. An agile model has charges based on days of completion whereas the waterfall model is charged on an overall time basis.

5. After the scope and charges involved are settled, a contract is signed between the two parties and the customer pays 40% payment in advance.

6. Customers are able to regularly review the progress of their software development process and provide feedback.

7. At the Halfway point, the first installment of 30% payment is done.

8. Application is deployed. The remaining 30% payment is done at this stage.